F.B.R : The acronym that made my fear of writing disappear

Recently I came across a concept ,F.B.R, in an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show where he’s interviewing Safi Bahcall, the author of “Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries”. This concept has completely changed the way I approach my writings.

So what does “Write F.B.R” stand for, and how might it help liberate you if you are a writer with perfectionistic tendencies?

Perfectionism can be considered as an admirable quality, but in today’s agile world, where frequent results are expected and iterative processes shape things over time, clinging to perfectionism can be more trouble than it is worth. Searching for perfection may be the cause of most of our unfinished project and procrastination.

One strategy that has helped me to deal with perfectionism and made me do the work (the writing) is embracing the beginner mindset by adopting the F.B.R mantra.

F.B.R. stands for “Fast, Bad, wRong” or write whatever comes to your mind.

Write fast, write bad, and write wrong. No going backward to fix the grammar or vocabulary. Don’t remember a person’s name? Make it up. The date of an event ? Invent it. Keep moving forward. Valuable energy is lost by moving between creation and fact-checking. Making it good and right is a job for another time. That liberates you to follow the narrative thread and just keep going with it. It’s really surprising where it goes.

On the whole, the idea of failure holds us back so much that anything we can do to free ourselves from this worry will help us enormously.

Next time you’re writing anything, whether for a school or work report, a blog post, or an email , remember the acronym, “F.B.R.”